Worried I installed CPU incorrectly (repost)

I just built my first PC. When I installed the CPU, it slid right into place. I am worried I did not lock it correctly. I pushed to lock arm down, and i believe it is in the right place, I am just not sure. How can I know that it is installed correctly without taking off my CPU cooler?

Is this basically fool proof? I want to power on my computer but am scared i will fry something.

This is an AMD 8350 CPU and a 990 Gigabyte motherboard.

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    Funny enough, I have the same model of motherboard (The UD5) and a 8350 CPU. I thought it was too easy for me just to put it in and move a bar and for it to be done. You cannot place it incorrectly if the gold arrow matched the arrow on the socket on the motherboard. If you installed it incorrectly most likely you broke or bent pins on the bottom so starting up your computer wouldn't do anything. You should be fine, I recommend you start your computer and post what happens here.
  2. Thanks, I am at work right now, but i certainly will when I get home. I have just heard it is supposed to "snap" into place, and mine really didn't. I will let you know how the boot goes. I know for sure it is lined up correctly, just worried it is not fully locked into place. Is this even possible, and would it be a problem?
  3. If you hear a snap putting in any CPU, something is very wrong. If it is lined up correctly it should be good for a boot. Well your heatsink fan would push the CPU down to the correct spot if anything (but it wouldn't be that good for the processor pins). If the CPU is not in place correctly your PC would not boot.
  4. Okay all sounds well I think. If the lock arm is fully down, it should be in the correct spot right? Sorry to keep bothering you, this is just my first build and I am nervous.
  5. Haha, no worries. If you got the lock arm down with no retention you should be ready to roll. AMD sockets have something called Zero Retention Bar where you don't have to force on the bar much at all to lock it.
  6. It required just a small amount of force to get down, but almost none at all. (unlike my EVO 212 that took a bit of force to line up bracket properly). Will boot when I get home and post the results.
  7. Yeah a small amount of force is good. The 212 EVO install is a pain haha So it makes sense.
  8. One more thing, when you installed you Hyper EVO 212, did it take force to line up the screws with the risers? I had to push down on it somewhat hard to get all the threads started. I'm not sure if this is how its supposed to be?
  9. Did you set the screws to AM3+ boards? It shouldn't then. The springs can modify what Socket you are using.
  10. Ya I did, they didn't quite match up depthwise. I had to start one side of each bracket piece, and then kind of force the other side down. Once all the screws were started though, it was pretty easy to screw them in. I am just worried about how much pressure this puts on the motherboard.
  11. It was probably setting the thermal paste. It is usual to install a heatsink bracket doing the opposite screws like installing a tire on a car.
  12. Ya I did an x pattern for tightening. I may take that bracket off and re apply it just to be sure that it isn't too tight or cockeyed or anything. I have also read that the middle screw should be loosened all they way before putting the bracket on. i did not know to do this at the time.
  13. The installation is really complex haha. Takes a bit to get right.
  14. Started up fine.
  15. Great! What are your temps?
  16. Very low. The cpu temps never go above 50 C. My GPU got up to 61 C and that's the highest temperature i have seen. And I left it under stress for 20 minutes or so. I have had some coil whine from either my psu or gpu, not sure which. Its annoying but this is a great system overall. Not sure if it would even be worth the shipping to RMA it for coil whine.
  17. The RMA is your choice if you want to. I know I would. The CPU temps with the 212EVO should never really go above 50c stock so thats great! GPU's are use to withstanding temperatures like that. Expecting to have a GPU the same temp as a CPU playing games is highly unlikely. Hope you have fun with your build!
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