Using 2 different graphic cards (nvidia and ATI) in 1 computer


My work requires a 5 monitor setup. They don't need to work together as 1 display unit, as long as I can have 5 independent displays in Windows.

I recently upgraded to an Nvidia 780, which has 4 video outputs - 2 DVI, 1 DP and 1 HDMI. The original plan was to route the 5th monitor through one of those USB 3.0 to HDMI adapters. However, it turns out that these adapters don't work too well, so now I'm missing a port for the last monitor.

I do , however, have a spare ATI 5850HD from my previous rig. My question is, can I just plug that into my new computer and use it solely as video ports for my monitors? Will it interfere with the functions of the Nvidia 780? I do game on this machine as well, but only on a single monitor, and I'm perfectly happy with just the 780 powering my games, while the 5850 sits idle.
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  1. What is your CPU? If you have an iGPU you may be able to run additional monitors of that.
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    Trust me, it can be done.
    3 amd cards (2 of one model 1 of a different ) , 2 nvidia cards. (both the same)
  3. I'm running an Intel 4930K off Asus X79-Deluxe. No integrated GPU unfortunately.

    Any tips on how to configure Win 8.1 and drivers so that the Nvidia 780 stays as the primary card?
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