Why do most (if not all) Micro ATX motherboards sacrifice a PCI Express slot in a dual SLI/xFire setup?

Hi I'm new to these forums and any help you could offer would be much appreciated :)

I'm looking to build a Micro ATX gaming rig with dual SLI/xFire setup, in a case that has five expansion slots. I also have a x1 PCI-e TV Tuner which I was looking to install alongside. I have noticed however that most Micro ATX mobos I have looked at such as the ASUS Maximus VI Gene, have a PCI-e x4 slot that would be inaccessible in a multiple GPU setup.

My question, is there a reason why gaming/micro atx motherboards favour the first PCI-e slot to be x16 (distance from graphics cards to CPU maybe) and not any other way? My setup would work with the above mentioned motherboard if the PCI-e x4 was first, followed by dual x16 slots.

Many thanks :ange:
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    You are using a micro atx board in an enthusiast role. They are not designed for that, get a full ATX board or deal with the lack of slots.

    Also the closer the slot is to the CPU the better the transmission rates are.
  2. Because it's a smaller form factor, can't mash everything onto it, and as ahnilated said, when you talk CPU's and MOBO even microscopic scales have effects on performance.
  3. I did wonder, thanks for the quick responses :)
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