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I have a toshiba a660, it would sometimes shut down after getting to hot. Recently it fell of the table, and now it turns on and then shuts down after a few seconds. When I turn it on there is no image on screen. (Im trying to get my hands on a external monitor) However, I dont think the monitor is broke. but im still waiting to test it. until then, what else may cause the laptop to turn on and shut of after 5-10sec? Im not sure about this, but I hear some type of whistle when I place my ear to the fan. I never paid attention so Im not sure if thats new or has always been that way. laptop is a toshiba satellite a660, I have several other laptops but this one is like my kids, I love it, and dont wanna lose it. Im open to any thoughts or suggestions on what else could be causing this problem. Im aiming to get a ext. monitor today to vacate the theory of broken screen. Also, I dont believe the screen would cause the laptop to shut down suddenly.

I just took the laptop apart, I removed the cd drive, Hdd, I have it open down to the M-board. When I press the power button, the fan kicks on immediately, and runs for between 15 and 25 seconds then right before it shuts off it goes to a really high speed.
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  1. Is there any software that I can install on my other laptop, then connect it to the target laptop, so when its powered on it starts running a diagnostic test to determine whats wrong without having to do board tests myself?
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