I seen around that the ASUS is better but I'm a sucker for aesthetics. I've been trying to find comparisons between the 2 but haven't succeeded , does anyone have a link where I can see the two cars pit against one another?
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  1. I have nothing I can give but I have used both of them and I can give you a few key highlights:

    ASUS DirectCU is quieter and keeps temps a bit more stable than the ACX cooler (in my HAF X anyways) but I did find that the EVGA version performed slightly better even at the same clock settings but that can likely be chopped up to the actual cards manufacture process. Overall they are just about the same, the difference I mentioned was only an avg of 1-2fps in the various games I averaged FPS in.

    The real question is, which one is cheaper at the moment? That's what you should go by, the differences aren't big enough to warrant going for one over the other, except for price which I haven't bothered to look at.
  2. They are roughly the same price, give or take a few pence. I completely got this one wrong though. I actually meant MSI not ASUS, but any input on the 770's is appreciated since my current card is a Sapphire 6970 and likes to cook itself. I made a huge mistake buying this card and don't plan on making the same mistake.
  3. Ah, unfortunately I've not played with the MSI version. But a safe bet to go with for Nvidia cards is Asus or Gigabyte.
  4. Is there any specific reason to go for one of those over EVGA? I've always been lead to believe they made awesome cards but just lately I'm being told quite the opposite. Especially on the 770.
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    My latest experiences with EVGA where a 770 and 2 780Ti's, all 3 of them arrived partially DOA and had to be sent back, I've since sworn off using EVGA GPU's. Seems that they are simply rushing to get products out and leaving behind a bit of their old quality. On the other hand, every Gigabtye/Asus Nvidia GPU I've used has been flawless, even had a few I got used off Amazon.
  6. Ah, I think I'm best to stay away from EVGA then unless I want the same trouble I had with this 6970. Thanks for your advice man, you saved me a massive headache by the sounds of it.

    P.S Feel free to send me one of those 780ti's :P
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