Is this build good for a 1300 canadian dollar budget ? this is the link to the build
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    Overall yes I would say that its not a bad build. I personally would go with a i5 4670k for a gaming build however you didn't really state what you are planning to use your computer for. And I would get a evo if you are going the route you are with your cpu cooler you may save a little in the process over the cooler that you are looking at however keep a eye on black friday you may find yourself in the ballpark of something like a noctua nh-d14. And I'm not huge on the power supply I feel like for a power supply manufacture perspective that evga is pretty just decent not great and you could do better with something like a seasonic power supply from corsair, xfx, and seasonic.
  2. look at the evo 212 for a cooler and see around fro psu check on corsair .
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