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Hello, I'm building my first HTPC. I've only ever built one other computer, but it turned out great, but I also had help that is not available to me any more. This will be used for basic web browsing, TV recording, DVD ripping & blue-ray movies on my plasma. Maybe a little bit of steam games, Call of Duty, and if I ever learn how or figure out how to get emulators going for older games, I'll pursue that as well. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

List of parts I already own:
Panasonic Viera P50ST50 Plasma
Windows 7 Pro - 64bit OS
6GB OCZ DDR3 1600 Memory -
Couple of extra Hard drives - 1TB & 2 x 650GB
Tuner Card: WinTV7 with optical

Planning to purchase:
Case: Cooler Master Mini-ITX Case -
CPU: AMD FX-4130 Zamezi AM3+ -
MoBo: Gigabye GA AM3+ USB 3.0 Micro ATX -
PSU: Thermaltake 600W -
Blue-Ray Drive: ASUS -

What am I missing? All suggestions, help & recommendations are EXTREMELY appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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    That Mini-ITX case will not accept a Micro-ATX motherboard. Either go with a larger case that accepts Micro-ATX motherboards or change the motherboard to a Mini-ITX form factor. Personally, I'd keep the motherboard and change the case. You never know when you may want to add an expansion card.

    That power supply is very much over-kill for this system. Unless you're planning on adding a very powerful graphics card to this system, a lower-end 400 watt power supply is more than sufficient for this build.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for the help! Sorry, was busy while my wife was having our new baby boy! Anyway, thanks, I went with the N200 by CoolerMaster, works fine, low profile, etc. Appreciate the help!
  3. CONGRATS on your NEW BABY!

    Oh... and the new kid! :bounce:

    -Wolf sends
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