New PC Build that works but not well, power issues?


Last week I build a new PC, the components I used were

ASUS Maximus IV Gene -Mobo
Intel i7 4770k -CPU
EVGA Geforce GTX 780 - Graphics Card
Corsair RM850 - PSU
Corsair Vengeance 1600 16 gb (2 x 8gb) slots 2 and 4 - RAM
Corsair H80i Liquid Cooler
Windows 7 Home 64 bit - OS
2 Intel 180gb SSDs

The pc works ok if you do not change anything in the BIOS, unless you game for a long time. At first when I built the pc I was receiving an A2 mobo code and no boot. To solve this issue all I had to do was take the video card out and put it back in. I also have never received a post beep even when it's working correctly, and if the pc is unplugged it needs to restart it self twice before booting.

Then I was gaming for 4+ hours and when I went to shut the pc down it hung up on the "Shutting Down..." screen. I was forced to manually power down. Just to check that no damage was done, I tried turning it back on and I was getting 62 codes on the mobo and no power to my peripherals. I then powered down and went to bed thinking I would fix it in the morning and that it must be a power setting issue.

The next morning the pc powered up like a champ and was working great after hours of rest. In the back of my head i still wasn't happy because the pc components seem to work great but the pc has shut down and boot up problems as experienced the night before. So I tried updating the bios from the factory 0606 to the 0804 in hopes that the mobo is just having trouble with the new gen 4 CPU and that would fix all start up and shut down issues. But now I am back to mobo code 62 with no peripherals powering on.

I kept the updated bios and just pulled out the GTX 780 and put it back in and we are back to working. But boot up is slow. I want this working like butter since I spent a lot of money on the parts. I feel like it is a problem with bios software and power management but I am not sure. Why do I need to keep adding and removing the video card and why do my peripherals sometimes work with boot, work without boot, or don't work without boot. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. what does code 62 mean?
  2. leeb2013 said:
    what does code 62 mean?

    There are Q codes on my asus mobo. I looked it up and couldn't really find anything on it.
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