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I'm on the market for a new gaming monitor. I'll be doing recording with FRAPS/DXTROY and Screen Captures with software like Camtasia so resolutions *could be important.
Looking for suggestions, buying soon.

My current monitor is a Samsung T240.
My video card is EVGA Geforce GTX 770 2GB GDDR5


$150-$300 Price Range CAD.

24" or higher. But 24" should be fine....

Native Resolution of 1920x1080p. If it can also do 1280x720p without looking bad that would be good.

The lower the MS the better.

LCD LED (Not interested in IPS in order to keep the cost lower)

Good Refresh Rate.

Pretty much all the standard stuff you'd look for in a good gaming monitor with a good image.
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    Good bang for your buck is the Asus VS248H-P:

    Sold my BenQ XL2720T and replaced it with 3 of the Asus 60hz monitors, can't even tell a difference in picture quality. Although missing the 120hz, which I don't mind personally.
  2. What's better - Connecting a monitor to your video card via HDMI, or DVI-D or D-Sub?

    Any other suggestions? I might need a bunch of opinions because of availability in my area. I rather not have a monitor shipped. Prefer to go into a store locally and buy.
  3. I agree with his monitor choice. As far as DVI vs HDMI, @1080 resolution and 60Hz you won't see any difference. I'd use DVI just because it screws into the computer so it's less likely to get pulled out accidentally, but that's just a personal preference. If you wanted to use a one-panel 4k monitor at 60Hz, you'd need a DVI cable for that since HDMI with that kind of monitor can only deliver 30fps (till HDMI 2.0)
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