battlefield 4 really high VRAM usage problem

Hi thanks for your time.

So I've got a beast of a gaming PC machine and I am having a bottleneck somewhere or atleast I think I do.

Intel 3930k 6-core clocked at 4.9ghz
16gigs 2133mhz corsair CAS memory
Trifire 7970's all 3GB VRAM
One 1080p 120hz samsung sa750D
Raid SSD drive for games
Win 7 64
Resolution scale ingame setting 100

My main game is Battlefield 4. I know trifire is overkill for my monitor. Please no flaming. Was planning on eyefinity in near future.

My problem:
GPU-z Hwinfo and MSI afterburner are all reporting VRAM usage at 4.8-5.6GB ingame and my cards are all 3GB.

I play bF4 on ultra and I think my 3GB vram is being used up due to other high end parts to my PC.

Why is MSI afterburner and gpu-Z reporting such high VRAM usage. My FPS can go from 57 to 200+.

Does BF4 really use that much ram when pushed really hard?

Why is gpu-z and all other programs reporting 4.6 - 5.5+GB of Vram being used.

Thanks I'm dumbfounded by my low fps. I have all latest drivers etc.

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  1. Divide usage by 3, theres your actual usage. Crossfire reports VRAM usage as a total rather than per card.
  2. I thought you only use the VRAM from one card. The card that's going to display.

    I was sure of this I thought
  3. Am I wrong? Games can use the vram from all gfx cards installed?
  4. No, you are capped to the amount one card has, but as the information is doubled/tripled/quad-tripled to each card you have, VRAM usage goes up. In reality you are using 2.5GB or there-abouts.
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    You can only use the 3GB of vram, they don't get multiplied for each additional card, you can drop the MSAA to lower some of the vram usage or other settings
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