How Do I Know What Graphics Card I Need????

I have a IBM ThinkCentre S50 8429-KG7 (its old I know, i swear this is not my fault) anyway i need to upgrade the graphics adapter and i have an integrated Intel (R) 82865G Graphics Controller! According to the manufacturer's website ( i have two PCI 175mm length, 106.68mm height slots... so can i upgrade? and if so is there any particular specs i need to pay attention to if i am to find a graphics card?
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    With an old system like that your only option would be with overpriced PCI non express cards

    Here's an 8400 GS PCI

    or these pricier 5450 cards

    Even if you're upgrading for better video playback etc. you'd do yourself a favour with investing in a worthy upgrade with a budget AMD APU system
  2. Due to your 200w PSU and SFF case you will be hard tried to find anything that will work. The best option is an HD 7750 (low profile), they can run off the PSU and fit in the case but I don't see anything pointing to a PCI-E slot being available. You may want to consider upgrading as it would be cheaper than finding a GPU to run in that antique.
  3. That is PCI, not PCI-E
  4. rolandzhang3 said:
    That is PCI, not PCI-E

    Yeah, I missed that it was PCI and was too lazy to go back and edit my post as you had already answered. ;)
  5. Laziness ftw :)
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