Westell 7500 default gateway problems

Hi everyone im have some trouble getting my westell 7500 to act as a wireless router, Right now i have cable internet through charter comm. , I have my modem connected to the westell via ethernet cable, and my computer connected to the westell via ethernet , which works fine, Here lies my problem

I just recently bought the westell from a 2nd-hand store to act as a router/wireless router, the router part is working fine, but when i try and connect wirelessly it asks for a password, I have tried 0000,password, Password, admin, Admin. All of which ive looked up and they are supposed to be the defaults, I have had no avail. So i did alittle bit of research and found i need to get into the westell menu, and in order to do that i need the default gateway which is normall, I have typed this into the browser along with all the other possible defualt ip's for the router, i cant seem to get into the menu. I have reset the westell probably 3 times, the third time i also powered down my modem and still no avail. I even went into the windows run command and did ipconfig, it says my default gateway is no where near the previous westell ones i thought it should be but actually,, Which i have also typed in my URL without any luck.

All id like to do is reset the wireless password, But i cant seem to get into the default gateway for westell's menu. :( Any suggestions
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  1. Try a 30/30/30 reset like THIS. If you cannot reset return it - it's broken.
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