Choosing a new motherboard and I need help!

My current motherboard is the AsRock H87 Pro4 andI have a I5 intel processor.

I want to eventually run another few Nvida GTX 780's in parallel with my current one. So I figured I might as well start with the motherboard and work my way up from there.

The real reason I'm doing this is because I want to run a triple monitor setup
(like this

What will I need to do this?
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    You will need to get a sli compatible board if you want to run another gtx 780.You can choose between
    asrock z87 extreme3/4
    Check out the expansion slots on the extreme3 just to make sure they are enough for you.
    asus z87-a or above
    msi z87-g45,gd-65
    gigabytez87-xd3h or z87-ud3h.
  2. I you are planning on gaming on 3 monitor setup, then only you will need a dual 780 setup. Also you need to have 2 PCIE slots working at x16 speeds to be on the safe side.
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