Extremely slow download speeds in browser (Firefox and Chrome)

I just built a new computer yesterday and am in the process of downloading and updating programs. For some reason I have unbearable download speeds on everything but Steam. I average roughly 450kbps on Steam, but less that 30kbps in my browser or for Windows update. I've tried both Firefox and Chrome, but both go the same rate. I've installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard(Asus P8Z77-LK) and the drivers from the graphics card (EVGA Geforce GTX 770). Why do I have such terrible download speeds on everything but Steam?
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  1. I'm having the same problem. Could be your router/internet provider?
    Personally, my internet speeds are fine, but downloading for some reason is extremely slow on chrome.
  2. make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your internet card. i would do this first and if nothing changes i would call my isp and tell them whats happening. they can tell you if your modem or router is configured correctly and are usually more helpful than their reputations
  3. @aldan where can I check what internet card I have and what driver is installed?
  4. go to control panel>device manager>network on properties>driver>driver update and let it go online to search for a you have an exclamation mark beside network adapter in device manager?
  5. I checked and the driver was up to date. Nothing under device manager has an exclamation. After trying to download some other drivers, I noticed that zipped files downloaded at what I expect them to (~450kbps) but .exe files are the ones that download very slow.
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    try running a speedtest and post your speeds.
  7. This is what I expect, yes its terrible but I have to deal with it. I think it may be something wrong with one of my drivers because I get my normal download speeds on my laptop, but everything seems to be updated. I'm at the point now where its been over an hour and I have 13Mb downloaded on a 23Mb file.
  8. I did some looking around and saw that other people had similar issues having terrible download speed with the driver they had for their nvidia graphics cards version:320.08 but the only solution one person found was going back to a driver that was released in 2009. I do not want to do this. Im currently downloading the newest driver update version:331.82 and hoping this will resolve the issue. I'll post once I have it installed if the issue is fixed
  9. worth a try. if it doesnt work try rolling the driver back to the older version.if it works bonus.if not you can always update it.this will either confirm that the problem is a driver or not.
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