Should I go with an AMD FX-6300, 6350, or 8320?

I'm building a new, AMD gaming computer. I was originally going to go with the FX-6300, but I noticed that I could go up to a 6350 for $10 more, or a 8320 for $20.

I'm using a 1GB Gtx 650 Ti, 8gb ram and a 650w PSU.

Is it worth it to drop the extra cash for a better cpu, or will I just be bottlenecked by the other parts?
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  1. I have 8320 I definitely think grab the 8320. Got mine sitting on 4.2 with stock cooler master cooler. hopefully next gen ports will make better use of all cores.
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    The FX-8320 would be the better upgrade for it's 8-cores versus 6-cores.
  3. FX 8320. It's unparalleled with the price to performance ratio.
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