Hard Drive cannot be read (Windows asking to format it)

Hello everyone, I have a Caviar green 1TB hard drive used for storing files. Let's hear my story first.

I used my HDD on an apple mini computer for watching a movie with some other people. My drive was mainly used on W7 and formated in NTSF. I am afraid that using the drive on an Apple OS corrupted my drive and, now, my drive cannot be read anymore due to some Apple files preventing explorer from browsing the content.

Now W7 ask me to format the drive to use it, but I would rather not because, even if not important, I would like to hold on my files.

I am pretty sure the drive is fine and that a corrupt file from APPLE OS is preventing W7 from accessing the drive.

Any ways I could fix that?
n.b.: I use an external enclosure. I also tried to switch the drive internally without any success. If the drive is present when windows load, the OS will never launch.
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  1. Hello everyone, I just formated my Hard Drive since I could not CHKDSK /r the drive.

    Lesson learned... never... ever, put an NTSF drive on any MAC CRAP on the market. You could, like me, lose your 1TB of data. My drive is fine, but Apple OS played with the MFT or the MBR... anyway, your drive become unreadable and inaccessible. Your only option is to buy an external enclosure, turn on your disk after a console prompt while loading your Windows disc, and format your drive.

    Stay away from any Apple product for any entertainment needs... I didn't like Apple before, but I was not force to deal with them, so I didn't care, but now they cross the line... what a ridiculous outcome.
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