Can AM3+ cpu socket fit with an AM2 socket motherboard

I'm planning on getting and AMD FX 6300 cpu, but i was wondering if i had to buy a new motherboard. Its an M2N-SLI with a socket AM2 thanks!
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  1. Yes you'll need a new motherboard.
  2. I agree, AM2 mobos are very outdated and mobos, like everything in electronics nowadays, gets better with every generation. You should just get a new one. I recommend the Asus M5A97 LE mobo. It is $60 after rebates and is an excellent ATX mobo. Here is the link to it:
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    Check your MB compatibiliy list. Almost every Brand has a compatibility list.

    But thinking that it is AM3+ the no. :))
  4. Good idea, but I doubt it will be compatible.
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