Liquid cooling CPU Coolermaster Seidon 120V idle at 70c

Guys? I kinda want to ask something with the CPU cooler, CM Seidon 120v. My PC suddenly crashed while I'm gaming. So I restarted my PC and check for the temps and its blasting 70c after rebooting. I tried to wait for it to drop down but failed. The temp still stays at 70c on idle. Can anyone shed some light on what happened? I'm new to liquid cooling, so I have zero experience on dealing with this.

My processor is AMD FX-6300 running at stock speed. Didn't done any overclocking yet.

Thanks guys
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  1. Is the fan on the rad running? Is the pump plugged into a fan header?

  2. Anonymous said:
    Is the fan on the rad running? Is the pump plugged into a fan header?


    Yes, I did check all of them. The fan is spinning. Fan header plugged, and already try re-seat it again. The rad fan didn't hindered by any cables or what so ever.
  3. have you tried 2 fans on the rad in a push pull setup
  4. I'm having the same problem here, everything is running fine but it's at idle and I'm reading 71c. Any ideas what's causing the high temps?
  5. Glad (kinda) that I'm not the only one having this issue.
    On a new build, using CM Seidon 120V with a i7 4770K my temps were always flying high.
    Prime95 pushed it to 98C
    Intel burn pushed all 4 cores to 100C
    Why? Oh why?
    Well, my issue? The capacitors on the Z87 board was causing a small section of CPU to not contact properly.
    The base on that cooler is too low & wide.
    Not wanting to damage my motherboard, I replaced the CM with Zahan ultimate 3, idles at 30C, full load at 69C.
    Quick test to do, do not apply any thermal paste on CPU, apply it all on the cooler.
    Seems like this cooler works best on a 2011 board due to socket size and mounting.
    Only apply a very thin layer.
    Put the cooler back on, screw it in, remove it and see how much surface area it missed.
  6. Take off the cooler again and clean it thoroughly as well as the CPU itself with rubbing alcohol, then when re applying only add about a grain of rice worth of thermal compound in the center going up and down with your motherboard orientation. make sure to press the cooler down and hold it while tighting. it works best if the paste dosen't get too smeared. also make sure your pump is connected to your CPU fan header on your MOBO. hope this helps clear things up.
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