Fallout 3 GOTY PC Freezing - Tried Everything

First of all, running Windows 7 x64.

So after browsing the internet for a solid hour for fixes, running into crash after crash, here's what I have. I have already changed the .ini file lines, and I have added the d3d9.dll file, and I have also installed the K-lite codecs. The farthest I can get is opening the gate and getting to the SPECIAL book. Everything I have tried works to an extent, but fails immediately after. It's the GOTY edition if that matters. No mods installed either.

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    I take it you did this to fallout.ini?



    change it to


    Add this line after it


    Have you tried this one?

    I think I had to run Fallout 3 in Windows XP compatibility mode.
  2. There is also a fallout fix that is defined for systems using 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. Its a Ram usage Limiter.
    Google that one as well. Also, give us your system specs mate. If you tried everything you must know we need more infor to be able to help! :D.
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