I have a computer old one that turns on but no display, but i can hear windows xp turning on, display screen is blank

Hello There, my pc specification are: windows xp 32bit, 512mb ram,200gb Hard drive, 1.8Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 512Mb Nvidia 6200. Yesterday my brother had last used the computer, he was using FaceBook and then suddenly the monitor went blank, he could hear sounds of Apps. but could not see anything. What could be the problem? I thought the monitor had the problem but i changed the monitor to an old one still it was blank, i think it could be some windows problem or god knows what, Please help me, Thank you.
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  1. try turning the pc off then resetting the video card and clear the cmos to rule out hardware. if there no video try another video card or if the mb has onboard video try that.
  2. Shut down the computer and when you restart it do you get Video though the POST test? The on screen info that displays before Windows takes over. Double check to make sure the video cable is plugged in tightly at the Computer and monitor. It could have worked loose over the years.
  3. i tried resetting the video card, and i cleaned the whole computer up, when i restart it doesnt show the POST test at all, nothing is displayed i can only hear windows start and then shut down sounds
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