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Hey forum
I need recommendation on whats the best Nvidia GPU I could upgrade to from my current AMD HD7770 GPU without having to change my power supply - Antec VP-450.

Currently using a i5-3470 CPU with stock cooler, 1080p monitor and no plans to overclock.

Cheers folks :)
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    Probably a 660ti, that requires a 450w PSU. There is a list here this shows what size PSU is required for each card (ATI and NVidia).
  2. I thought Amps was the most important thing, not watts.
  3. Usually if the Wattage is big enough then it should be able to handle the current draw off the GPU (spreading the load over multiple rails if needed (the PSU must have multiple 12v rails to do that).
  4. quick question, what happens if you go over the max wattage of your psu? i'm asking because i have a corsair CMPSU-650TX and am looking at possibly getting an R9 280X which would be close.
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