FX 8100 vs FX 6100 vs FX 6300

Which is the better CPU? Primarily for gaming, but will also obviously use it for normal pc stuff.
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  1. fx8320 is better than all of those.

    fx8100 and 6100 are older bulldozer cpus and 6300 is new but it has one less module (two less cores).
    fx6300 would be a budget choice(over fx6100) if cpu fund is limited.
  2. Fx 6300 !
    because most of the new gen games use only 6 cores as they are sufficient. For normal computation it depends on your uses. If you are heavy multitask-er then go for 8100.

    Instead of 6300 and 8100 i will recommend to go for 6350 and 8300or8350.
  3. If you can afford, get a 8320.
    Just make sure you stay away from the X100 series because they are crap.
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    6300, if you can afford 8320 and your mobo supports it then 8320.
    fx 6100 and 8100 and and anything from AMD with the code name -100 or -150 anything that has that one as its second digit uses Bulldozer architecture, I love AMD but we should accpet those CPUs were a flop, those CPUs which have -300 -320 -350 enjoy Pile driver architecture, which is far better than Bulldozer architecture. So no wonder fx 6300 beats 8100 easily, also look here
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