Need Advice cooling my extra hot and noisy AMD FX 8150

Hi Guys,

This is my first post here. After reading a lot and lot of threads and reviews i am now confused as to wat i should do. Let me tel u my situation.

My system specs are:
AMD FX 8150 3.6ghz
AMD 990FXA-GD65(MS-7640) Chipset
8 GB of DDR3 RAM
Cooler MAster 650 W PSU

I mainly use this system for animation and VFX work. Even though i wondered whether my system was optimum from the start i didnt give much heed to it. But lately its been making a lot of noise and it gets heated up way too fast. I mean its some whr around 51C at idle and reaching more than 75C when i put it to render and i havent even overclocked it.

Well its been a year since i bought so i finally called the customer care and am trying for warranty. But just wanted an opinion from u guys. Can i be doing anything wrong?? Any suggestions.

Mainly wat i wanted to ask is i did a lil bit of reading on after market CPU coolers. And after reading a few reviews and based on my budget have shortlisted a few. Can u help me decide which one is the best for my situation..

Here are the coolers i have shortlisted:
1)Thermaltake Frio Ock Cooler
or i can go for a liquid cooler like
2) Corsair Hydro Series H70

Let me knw if there is anything else out there better suited for my need. Hoping to hear from u guys.. Thanx in advance..
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  1. im just wondering are u using the stock cooler ?
  2. 75 is not that high with the stock cooler. It's a normal temperature. You could lower the temperature with any aftermarket cooler. Even the Frio would be enough. Enough even for OC, at stock it will have no problems.
  3. Ya right now i am using the stock cooler. I am not sure if 75C is normal or not but when i put something for render which is a pretty high processing task the system just shuts down within 5 mins without any kinda warning or what so ever. there is no error message also. I checked and the motherboard and RAM are just fine. The processor is also fine as long as i don't put for render.. But my work mainly revolves around rendering on a daily basis. So that why i need to decide on what to do. I dont have a budget to buy a new system so i need to find a fix..
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    Go into bios and check if you have a threshold set for heat. I guess it might be set at 80 degrees or something, note it down. Then try to use a monitoring app to check temperature while doing rendering something and see what temp the cpu reaches when before it shuts down. If it is the threshold temperature, then you have a overheating problem.
  5. i would get a aftermarket cooler like the 212+ or nh-d14
  6. I checked the BIOS but couldnt find any heat threashold or something related to that.. But what i saw in the BIOS freaked me out. I just opened the BIOS and my CPU temperature is showing 84C.. and it keeps on rising and the fan is making one hell of a noise.

    I am planning to buy a Corsair H60 Liquid cooling system. I think i can afford that. It will be useful whether AMD replaces my processor or not..
  7. have you tried replacing the thermo paste on the cpu? might not be much left on it and could possibly be causing heating problems and fan is trying to compensate by going faster to kill the heat which would make sense as why your fan is really noisy
  8. Ya i did tat too. I even cleaned the entire cabinet and everything with a blower to make sure there is no dust. also cleaned the processor and re applied the paste. when i do tat just for a day it will be ok and then again its the same thing..

    Thanx gcatalin and skitz9417.. Also i would like to mention tat one of my friend also has the exact same config tat u bought a month before i bought and now he is also facing the exact same issue..
  9. Dont bother with a Arctic Freezer will only position up down or down up with AMD fitments so you cant get it to blow out to rear the case fan....I had one and just changed it for a 212 evo ..... see this review: seems better and cheaper than the water coolers from corsair and coolermaster without the hassle!
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