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Is it possible install a program on a Windows 7 computer to allow it to play games from previous/other versions of windows, such as windows xp, 95, and vista; also, older systems like DOS?If so, which program, and where may it be obtained?
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    Dosbox for DOS games.
    XP/Vista should work fine on Win7.
    I would use Virtualbox to run a virtual Win95 install, although the best and most graphical games may not give the performance as a real install, but they should be a rare few.
  2. So I would actually install the windows 95 os onto my computer. Does that mean that I would have two operating systems running at once? Or would windows 95 replace windows 7?
  3. No, Win95 would be virtual machine that runs within W7 and only uses resources when you run VirtualBox, think of it as emulation but using a real installed os. Bets thing, if Win95 crashes and burns, it doesn't take W7 with it, you just delete the VM and create a new one. If you don't need network access for the games, just don't setup a lan connect and your 99% guaranteed virus free if you only use original games. If you need patches or updates, download them with W7 and then uses a share for Win95 to use them. Once you see it running, fairly straight forward to use.
  4. Everything from the XP days onward should run without issue, and DOS games can be run via Dosbox. Its the Win95/Win98 era games that are tougher to handle. Some will work fine, others will need some fiddling, and others simply will not work.
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