usb 3.0 ports not working

i'm using a lenovo laptop g405 my two usb 3.0 ports are not working. they can't recognize any usb (but i still have one that is working). what should i do? please help :(
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  1. Is the one that is working a USB 3.0 or 2.0? Have you got the USB 3.0 driver installed?
  2. 3.0. Yes the driver is installed
  3. And which version is that USB port that is working?
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    Ok there are a few things that could stop the USB's from working. Assuming the 2 that aren't are on the same side, they are usually on a separate board which connects to the main board using a ribbon. If one of those ports are damaged that would explain both of them not working but also why the other one is. Check both the ports and make sure everything looks intact, the pins are the main thing. If the pins have moved (usually when the plastic is broken/missing) they would more than likely be creating a short, in turn the motherboard would disable those ports to prevent any damage.
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