Intel Xeon 1230V3 dual-channel 32GB RAM

I have one simple question: does the Intel Xeon 1230V3 support having 32GB of RAM by way of dual-channel (2x 16GB)?

If so, are there any cons of using dual-channel RAM (2x 16GB) instead of quad-channel RAM (4x 8GB)?
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  1. The Xeon 1230V3 does not support quad channel. If you throw in 4 sticks they will still operate on dual channel. Where as if you want to have 2x16 instead of 4x8 that is motherboard dependent. Note that the Xeon 1230V3 does not support more than 32 GB, so even if you add more (lets say 2x16 and 2x8 or something), they wont be available.

  2. Hello... 32 gb and dual channel... 2x16 will cost you more than 4x8, but... resale value will be higher for the 16gb's, later down the road of upgrades.
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    To answer your question, its fine using 2x 16gb rather than 4x 8gb. Z87 is dual channel, so there is no disadvantage to using 2 sticks rather than 4.
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