First full build in 10 years, question about back plates on CPU's, what are they ?


The last time I mounted a CPU on a motherboard it was an Athlon XP 2400 back in 2003. I bought my current rig from a friend who was emigrating back in 2008 and its served me well until now, so its time to upgrade. Ive watched a few videos for current PC builds and not much has changed, but I did notice one of them mentions back Back Plates for CPU's, saying they keep the back of the CPU cool much like a heat sink does at the front. It makes sense I suppose, but I haven't heard this mentioned anywhere else, and I never had to do this during my last build which lasted 5 years. Can someone enlighten me ?, im looking to build a rig with an AMD FX6300 and an Asus M5A97 LE R 2.0 Motherboard, I'm planning on using the stock cooler.

Thanks in advance
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  1. back plates hold the mounting brackets in place. if you plan on using the stock cooler then its a non issue. if you plan on using an after market Heat Sink then they may come with a new back plate to install the after market mounting brackets for the HS.
  2. Like ^ said...

    Nothing to worry about when using a stock cooler.

    If you decide to use aftermarket, make sure you put on the CPU/heatsink before putting your motherboard in your case.
  3. thanks guys
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