GTX 770(2GB) vs R9 280X GAMING(3GB). Please settle the debate.

I've seen a couple other posts with pretty conflicting comments. I'd just like to know if the GTX 770 is really worth the extra 30$. How much better is it? Is it even better? This is going to be mostly for games.

As well, these are the cards I'm looking at specifically:
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  1. they are almost the same gtx 770 is a bit faster and it has is physx, while r9 280x got mantle(eventualy), if you plan on gaming on 1440p or higher get the amd one more vram will be helpfull if not then chose the one you like more
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    The r9 280x is beter. It costs a bit less and is more powerful(more memory, bigger buswidth etc).

    AMD has mantle and Eyefinity, and nvidia has stuff like PhysX and Shadowplay, but you should not consider buying a card by the features it has(software), but by the amount of power it has if you ask me.

    The MSI is a nice card, but I would consider buying a HiS or Sapphire edition of the said variant of r9 280x (more efficent cooling). comes with bf4, a very good deal if you ask me.)
    Hope this helps.
  3. Not too sure on this one I personally can't stand AMD GPUs's after going through 3 6970's. On that note I opted for the Sapphire 6970 and had nothing but problems. I'm not saying that Sapphire are bad, I probably just had a bad batch but the first two melted the plastic cover when gaming on BF3 medium settings.
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