Asrock z77 - Unable to Boot with multiple Drives (SSD, HDD ) with SATA

I'm unable to boot Windows 7 after connecting second HDD to SATA ports.

This is what happened:

Experienced slowness while accessing the files and folders. Then system won't boot after restart.
Had 2 Memory Stick. Slot 1 and 3 (out of 4 slots). After several attempts, I figured Slot 1 is having issues. After moving single stick to Slot 2 , I was able to install Windows 7 in SSD (AHCI).

- Single SSD
- SAT Mode set to AHCI
- Clean Windows 7 install on on SSD ( with other HDD removed). Single RAM in Slot 2.
- Booted Windows 7
- Installed drivers ( VGA, SATA, USA, LAN, INF)
- Rebooted several times during the drivers install. No issues.

Problem Starts:

- Connected second HDD (Install disc removed)
- Booted Windows 7
- Error message - Boot device not accessible.
- Checked Boot Order in BIOS (set to Samsung SSD, HDD, Windows boot Manager)
- Did F2 to check boot order ( shows Windows Manager, SSD, HDD)

Problem 1 : Boot order in BIOS is different from Actual boot order.

After some research, I read Boot order is controlled in MSR. When I rebooted with Windows 7 DVD, things went haywire.

Started System Repair.

Problem 2 : System Recovery options i snot compatible with version of windows you are trying to repair.

Chipset : AsRock z77 Extreme 4.

I'm not sure what else to debug or how to fix this.

Appereciate your help. thanks.
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  1. When you press F2 to check boot order, can you move the SSD up the ladder to the top of the order?

  2. Here's my update after playing around and multiple reboots.

    Disk 1 : SSD ( Windows 7 Installed)
    Disk 2 : HDD ( SATA for Data)

    Looks like Disk 2 is causing the problem. When I boot the system with Disk 1, I can load Windows. After connecting Disk 2. Windows boot Manager error appears with Boot Selection Failed because a required device is inaccessible.

    Boot Order in BIOS

    Boot Option 1 : Windows Boot Manager ( i tried changing this to Disk 1 - SSD)
    Boot Option 2 : Disk 1

    Hard Drive BBS Priorities ( Disk 1, Disk 2)

    Boot Manager (via F11)

    Windows boot manager
    Disk 1 (SSD with Windows 7 )
    Disk 2

    If I select Disk 1, I get Windows boot Manager with Status oxc00000e ( boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible).

    ASRock BIOS Version : 2.90 (latest)

    I'm unable to move Disk 1 (SSD) to top of the boot order via F11 ( sorry I had said F2 in the original question).

    F2 is to enter the setup.
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