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Asrock z77 - Unable to Boot with multiple Drives (SSD, HDD ) with SATA

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November 28, 2013 6:55:20 AM

I'm unable to boot Windows 7 after connecting second HDD to SATA ports.

This is what happened:

Experienced slowness while accessing the files and folders. Then system won't boot after restart.
Had 2 Memory Stick. Slot 1 and 3 (out of 4 slots). After several attempts, I figured Slot 1 is having issues. After moving single stick to Slot 2 , I was able to install Windows 7 in SSD (AHCI).

- Single SSD
- SAT Mode set to AHCI
- Clean Windows 7 install on on SSD ( with other HDD removed). Single RAM in Slot 2.
- Booted Windows 7
- Installed drivers ( VGA, SATA, USA, LAN, INF)
- Rebooted several times during the drivers install. No issues.

Problem Starts:

- Connected second HDD (Install disc removed)
- Booted Windows 7
- Error message - Boot device not accessible.
- Checked Boot Order in BIOS (set to Samsung SSD, HDD, Windows boot Manager)
- Did F2 to check boot order ( shows Windows Manager, SSD, HDD)

Problem 1 : Boot order in BIOS is different from Actual boot order.

After some research, I read Boot order is controlled in MSR. When I rebooted with Windows 7 DVD, things went haywire.

Started System Repair.

Problem 2 : System Recovery options i snot compatible with version of windows you are trying to repair.

Chipset : AsRock z77 Extreme 4.

I'm not sure what else to debug or how to fix this.

Appereciate your help. thanks.

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November 28, 2013 11:02:24 AM

When you press F2 to check boot order, can you move the SSD up the ladder to the top of the order?

November 28, 2013 12:07:23 PM

Here's my update after playing around and multiple reboots.

Disk 1 : SSD ( Windows 7 Installed)
Disk 2 : HDD ( SATA for Data)

Looks like Disk 2 is causing the problem. When I boot the system with Disk 1, I can load Windows. After connecting Disk 2. Windows boot Manager error appears with Boot Selection Failed because a required device is inaccessible.

Boot Order in BIOS

Boot Option 1 : Windows Boot Manager ( i tried changing this to Disk 1 - SSD)
Boot Option 2 : Disk 1

Hard Drive BBS Priorities ( Disk 1, Disk 2)

Boot Manager (via F11)

Windows boot manager
Disk 1 (SSD with Windows 7 )
Disk 2

If I select Disk 1, I get Windows boot Manager with Status oxc00000e ( boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible).

ASRock BIOS Version : 2.90 (latest)

I'm unable to move Disk 1 (SSD) to top of the boot order via F11 ( sorry I had said F2 in the original question).

F2 is to enter the setup.