Upgrading from Phenom II X4 850; fx-8350 or i5-3570k?

Hi all!
I'm wanting to upgrade my gaming pc as its getting pretty outdated. I'm currently running a Phenom II X4 850, with a GT 440 and 8 GB RAM. I tend to play skyrim and generally hit about an average of 22 fps on medium to high settings. (I know that's dreadful!)
The graphics card I'm thinking of getting is the GTX 660, but if anybody has any advice to give on this I'll gladly take it into account!
However, my main concern is what CPU to get. Everybody seems to prefer the i5-3570k, but my budget isn't that huge and if I go for an i5 it means getting a new motherboard as well. I am assuming my current motherboard will handle the fx-8350, it being a GA-770T-D3L. Please correct me if I am wrong in this assumption!
So any help would be much appreciated. I'm aiming to build the PC so that it can play games such as Skyrim or the upcoming Elder Scrolls: Online at a decent framerate on high to max settings.
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  1. Which version of the motherboard do you have? Revision 3.1 supports up to the FX8100 (not an 8350) while the revision 1.x board does not have a BIOS update to allow AM3+ CPU's so the best it'll support is the Phenom II X6 1100T
    I'm thinking overclocking and upgrading your graphics should improve frame rates considerably
  2. Not sure which version it is!
    So I'm going to need a new motherboard either way?
  3. I'd buy a CPU cooler. A gtx 660 and overclock it
  4. I'm pretty much a "newbie" when it comes to swapping stuff around/modifying computers and I feel overclocking it might be out of my league!
    However, if you can give me any tips on doing it/advice I can always attempt it! I just don't want to ruin anything!
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    well if ur not comfortable overclocking best not but if ur open to the idea. theres a overclocking section in tomshardware u could ask for further assistance. i think its worth a shot and not as scary as it seems.
  6. The only real risk in overclocking would be possibly to your CPU, you're considering replacing it anyway, not much risk there. The difference between the GT440 and GTX660 would be significant in itself and overclocking may not be necessary to get acceptable frame rates.
  7. But doesn't hurt if done well
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