Can a "Reallocated Sector Count" warning corrupt my data? Can i still use the HDD?

Hi everyone,
I have a Core 2 Duo computer that i only use to back up old Digital 8 tapes. I have been using a Hitachi HDD as a second drive. The digital stream from the camera is saved directly to the second drive. after i backed up about 20 + tapes, i decided to installed crystal disk info to check the health of the drive. it turns out that the drive with all my home movies on it has a caution warning that i didn't know about. (Reallocated Sector Count).
My only concern is that i have already backed up hours and hours of home videos on this drive, is there any chance that the data can be corrupted? i don't want to have to record everything again and i can't watch all of it to see if there is anything wrong. How serious is this caution and can i still keep using the drive?
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  1. Its hard to tell if the drive will fail soon or not, but its better to backup the stuffs to another drive and not to trust the drive.

    Reallocated sector means that your harddrive found a bad sector, and swapped it with a 'reserve pool' of sectors. After this swap, the medium should be free of bad sectors to the operating system. Its a technology designed to make failing sectors on the harddrive cause no trouble for the operating system because it'll just swap a new one whenever it finds that a particular sector is becoming weak (because it takes more time to read that sector than normal).
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