Slow wireless with Arris TG862, Wired connection is not an option.

I'm dealing with this router/modem set-up my ISP provided my family with. My mother is too stubborn to listen to me about getting it changed so i'd like so advice on how i can optimize this piece of trash to where it's usable. Currently i can't even use Youtube it's so bad, it also runs with about 600ms of ping.
Any suggestions or solutions would help
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  1. If your wired connections has a reasonable ping, then the problem is just with the wireless and the easiest thing to do is to add a new router configured as a wireless access point. If N dual band is what you want, then the ASUS RT-56U is probably your best bet -- great range and best in class wireless. As long as she will let you attach the ASUS to your old router in an LAN to LAN cable connection I can walk you through the settings that you need.

    You may have a bad radio on the TG862, which is not a great device to start; interference; or too many users doing too much for the available bandwidth particularly if there are any legacy G device connected. Adding a wireless AP should solve any of those issues and would give you a private wireless channel.

    Download and run the free wireless analyzer inSSIDer from HERE and go to the network tab to see other wireless signals by channel and signal strength. You want to be on channel 1, 6, or 11 (the non-overlapping channels) and use whichever one that nobody else is on if possible. You would like to see -60dB for your network at the location where you have your computer -- what signal strength are you getting now?
  2. What RealBeast suggests should work quite well. I did the same thing with a different ASUS router. I had been a DSL customer for years and replaced my Dlink router with an ASUS RT-N66U last summer to solve the multiple connection/streaming problems I was having with the DLINK. This worked perfectly.

    Last month I switched to Comcast for higher internet speed. I got a Cisco/Xfinity as a leased modem. It worked fine, but I didn't want to pay the monthly leasing. I just replaced it with an Arris TG862. The Arris works fine for wired connections and supports the phone just fine, but has horrible WiFi. I reconfigured my ASUS as an AP (Matched the IP scheme, turned off DHCP, Ethernet to Ethernet connection. No crossover cable needed) The nice thing about a third party solution from ASUS and many others, is that they support a guest SSID, to let visiting friends access the internet, while keeping them off of your home network, not to mention more overall control with all Wif settings, if you want to tweak things.
  3. I just switched from the DLINK to the TG862 as well. Is it possible to use the DLINK router like you're using your ASUS? The DLINK was much faster than this new thing.
  4. Josh99 said:

    I just switched from the DLINK to the TG862 as well. Is it possible to use the DLINK router like you're using your ASUS? The DLINK was much faster than this new thing.
    You can use pretty much any router (but not modem/router combo) configured as an access point attached to a modem/router that is not as capable. You just need to insure that the wireless channels don't interfere. So you can either turn off the wireless radio on the modem/router or just use different non-overlapping channels.

    I'm going to shut this ancient post now. If you need further assistance just post a new thread with your questions. Thanks.
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