Recover Win7 Key From Registry, Possible?

During the beginning of this past summer, the SSD boot drive in my previous build died, and I've since then put together a new build and got a new OS(Windows 8.1). I saved backups of most files that were on the boot drive, and I have the Windows 7 reinstallation disc(Home Premium 64), but the sticker with the product key written on it is long gone. I read on various forums that the key is encrypted in the registry, but can be recovered with the right programs. If so, can this be done on backup data?
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  1. if its a clone back up then simply restoring all the files to the new drive hooked up to the !!!!exact same hardware config!!! when the back up was run which will allow that drive to boot windows to run without reactivating on that hardware as u cant put the drive in a different computer and have it run. chances are if u don't have a clone backup then the reg wouldn't have been backed up and even if it was I cannot support or provide info that would/could lead to piracy.

    I think ur going to have a hard time getting help here of just getting the key from the reg because that could be linked to piracy (taking key from a computer which is not urs to install windows on ur computer)which is not supported here.

    my question is if u are running windows 8.1 now why would u need ur windows 7 key.
  2. It was not a clone drive, and I have upgraded my hardware(more like new build) since then. I wanted to switch back to Windows 7 because I realized I didn't like desktop tablets. But it's all good, I'm sticking to Windows 8.

    Use Belarc. It will do a system scan and you can get the key after that

    EDIT: Looks like there is a video showing how to do it here:
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