How many watts do i need?

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  1. according to your system, you'll need atleast 450W psu
  2. Jake Weichardt said:

    yes of course
    CX500 is very good PSU.
    it will work
  3. Yes ! For sure.
    GTX650Ti will consume 110W and your whole system will require 450W and if you've CX500 then it is well and good.
    even if you overclock your CPU then also this powersupply is enough for you.
  4. Sorry re look at my above post and could you recommend a good fan for £23 or cheaper
  5. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is a very good CPU cooler available in your budget.
  6. wait,
    do you need a fan for CPU or GPU ?? ?? ??
  7. CPU and does this graphics card work with the power supply i picked
  8. Best answer
    yes it will work fine.
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