RAM Voltage exceeds CPUs recommended

So I am planning on building a rig with this components:

The problem is it says that the recommended CPUs voltage is 1.575V and the RAM I planned on buying runs at 1.6V. Will this be a big problem when gaming etc?
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  1. I highly suggest getting a RAM kit that has the voltage in reccomendation.

    It is not a problem per se; but the chipset can and will run excessively hot.
  2. Try to get the lowest voltage possible for a same frequency. If you can find 1600 MHz at 1.5 V, then it's fine.
  3. Will it really make a difference? I got this build made from someone from the community and after checking a few things I just changed the Intel Xeon cpu for an i5k. Is it easier to just change the cpu or all the Intel Haswell CPUs recommend 1.575V?
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    Lower voltages will always be more reliable. The new DDR4 standard will have lower voltages and higher frequencies (win-win). As long as you get the recommended voltages you should be fine. If you get just a little higher, you should be fine too. It's just a recommendation.
  5. Okay, I guess since it is my first try building a rig ill keep the 1.6V, I've read that the ram will perform a little bit lower, but since the difference in voltage is not that big the performance will be negligible. I will keep in mind though your recommendation for future changes in my PC. Thank you!
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