Black screen after boot screen, safemode same thing.

So out of nowhere my pc goes black after booting and the windows logo flashing, like when I'm supposed to see the login page, it goes black.
Right before this started happening I got errors of windows not starting properly, so I had the troubleshoot option and turn off option, and when trying to troubleshoot this black screen started coming.
Haven't made any changes before this happened, nor downloaded or updated drivers.

I've searched around alot and found alot of people with the same issue, although with most of them they fixed it by going into safemode and uninstalling some drivers. But if it's drivers, I should be able to boot in safe mode, right?

And what I'm really wondering is, if my gpu is broken, do I even get to see the windows logo or the motherboard startup text? 'Cus it kinda feels like it's a windows issue, and not my gpu. But I have no other computer available to format the harddrive so I can reinstall windows and try again. Can I simply format the HDD by CMD?
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  1. Do you have a VGA(15 pin Blue) port on back of MB ? If so, then remove the GPU and plug the monitor onto VGA port, see what happens.

    And formatting the HDD in CMD will not work, so don't try it. You need a bootable media(DVD/USB) to repair install the OS or format and to clean install OS.
  2. I can't find a VGA port on it, it's a P8H61 PRO
  3. The 61 boards do not support integrated video.

    First you need to get to get to the BIOS.

    Does the PC power on when you press the power button?
    Are there any beeps?
    Does it turn itself of?
    Anything else that happens?
  4. Yes, the PC powers on and works like it should. I get a message that windows couldn't start properly or something along those lines. With troubleshoot options and option to shut down PC.

    It's if I try to start safemode or boot from dvd, then it goes to black after the windows logo during startup. I can access bios and all that too.
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    Try a repair install of OS with bootable media(DVD/USB).
  6. obviously a corrupted windows...
    reinstall windows
  7. Yes it was, thank you :)
  8. You are welcome.
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