Is buying a 120gb SSD w/ 1tb HDD a good idea?

I'm new to SSDs and I'm not sure if buying a 120gb SSD is even worth it since its has a small capacity. TY for your time. (samsung evo ssd btw)
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    Of course. Yes, the SSD has a small capacity, but you don't really need a lot of space for your most common applications. I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Office 2007, and a couple of games installed on my 80GB HDD. While I do have very limited hard drive space on my C: Drive, it's been that way for years will no ill effects.

    -Wolf sends
  2. depends on who is using it.

    for some, the speed gains are totally worth it.
    for others, the more touchy nature and crappy reliability of the low-end SSD that most people can afford to buy are NOT worth the hassle.

    FYI - a 750G WD Black 2.5" costs less than a 120G SSD, is noticeably (but not ridiculously) slower, is much more reliable, has way more space, and a longer warranty. but it does run a little bit warmer (not much, but ya a bit), and doesn't like being shaken-n-stirred while in use.
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