pc wont post/beep nor display (no built in graphics card)

Today I received parts from Amazon cpu power supply sad motherboard graphics card and ram I put it all together in the case and at the start I got beeps such as 3 short ones then 5 long ones then they stopped after I plugged it out AND went at it. It now will not beep even with mobo speaker attached and I can't figure out what's wrong, all suggestions are welcome

Current build
Advance hunter x white
Asrock exterem 3 990fx (mobo)
AMD fx 6300 6 core am3+ black edition
Asus HD 7770 2gb graphics card Radeon
500w power supply
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  1. Hi
    If you have all components connected correctly then you get 1 short beep.
    If you run you system with ZERO RAM modules installed - you get beep codes
    If you run you system with NO GPU module installed - you get beep codes - if you don`t have Integrated GPU

    So you can try those 2 tests - you must get beep codes
    If you don`t then something is wrong.
    - power cables , 4 pin power cable , GPU PCIe power cable (6 pin or 6 +2 pin or 8 pin ...), bad RAM , Bad mobo , bad PSU

    What i wonder is is there any POST display after you power ON ?
    Did you have Ever seen POST display ?
    Did you try CMOS clear ?
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