Maximus VI Hero having Nvidia Driver Issues

Hello guys, I have just built my new rig with the following specs:

Core i5 4670K (stock)
Maximus VI Hero
8 GB G-skill 1600
840 pro 128 SSD
seasonice x650

I don't have the last part of the build (GTX 780, on its way but will take 1 month, international shipping)
However what I do have is enough to fire up my pc, since this mobo does not have VGA connector (I have VGA display) so what i did is that I plugged in "Asus GT 210" which i pulled from my old pc (card works fine). Everything went as expected and I installed windows just fine. Now the problem is that when i try to install nVidia drivers, they install just fine (latest WHQL) but require a reboot. My computer does not boot into windows afterwards.... it reaches the windows glowing logo and gets stuck there. I uninstalled the drivers by performing "system restore" in safe mood and pc started working fine. Tried various drivers but all give same problem. VGA works fine on my old C2D. Both system running windows 7 ultimate (64-Bit).. Please help... I want to solve this issue because otherwise my 780 wont work either i think since its driver issue, or is my mobo faulty?
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