WD My Book live or My Cloud 2TB

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    I'd get the My Cloud simply because Beach Camera tried to rip me off last year. :<
  2. I am also wondering what the difference is as I am looking at getting either the wd my book live duo 4tb, or the WD 4TB My Cloud and cant see what the difference is other than the my book live duo having two discs and thus allowing the drives to be mirrored. But I believe that you can plug another USB 3.0 drive into the my cloud device and set up a drive mirror that way so I am unsure of any other differences. Has anyone got any advice regarding which one to buy?
  3. hi
    after a few search in forums, the my cloud have a dual core, MBL no
    thats expleind a speed of transfer, in my cloud is faster with a gigabit ethernet port, and with usb 3.0 to ( of course) is up to 5 GB/s

    excuse my english
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