My laptop came with a remote control, but after upgrading to windows 7 I am unable to use the remote

When I bought my laptop, it came with a remote for media center. the remote was working with the pre-installed OS, but after I upgraded to windows 7, the remote has not been able to control media center at all. I tried replacing the the battery, but the remote was still unresponsive.

My Laptop:
Model Number: dv6500
Manufacturer: HP
Original OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
New OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Thank You So Much If You Try To Help! :D
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  1. You would need to get the IR driver for the media center from HP.
  2. Since there are no Windows 7 Drivers available for your laptop, your best bet is to see if a Windows Vista driver for your Remote Control will work. HP dv6500 Support Page

    -Wolf sends
  3. I just found something under my laptop, it turns out, my model number is dv6622ca, not 6500. Sorry for the misunderstanding
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    Same answer as before, but instead, go here.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Thank You So Much For Helping Me!!! =D
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