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Hey everyone! Shopping time is upon us and I've decided its time to upgrade my dinosaur of a video card. I've been looking at benchmarks and brought myself to a few options. Gtx 650 ti boost, hd 7870 and the hd 7790. Now I'm not a hardcore gamer most times but i may get into battlefield 4 or call of duty ghosts and the most intense game i play now is world of warcraft. I currently have an i5 2500k and 8gb 1333. I like the price tag on the 7790. Can get one for 70$ after rebates. Think it would be a decent upgrade? If not what would you suggest at a reasonable price point? I really don't want to go over 150$. Thanks all and happy Thanksgiving!
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    7870>650ti boost>7790 The 7870 is comparable with a 660ti (or 760)
  2. Seeing the 7870 2GB and 650 Ti Boost 2GB at the same price. Which, if it were me, would make me the proud owner of a 7870, if they're in stock.
  3. I love my 650 ti boost its a great budget card it ranks a bit over the 7790 but is right on the $150 price limit. If you are really looking to cut some cost out you could get a standard 650 and do the overclock yourself as the it boost is just a factory overclock of the same GPU
  4. Sorry for the dual post on the forums, I was on my phone and didnt realize it worked lol. I realize that the 7790 is the weakest option but I guess what Im trying to figure out is if it would be a worthy upgrade at all. My card shows about 1116 rating on, the 7790 shows just over 3000. Being thats double that makes me happy being its 69$. But again I guess Im concerned. Im an nvidia fanboy but also was an AMD fanboy before my I5 and 100% changed my tune so I AM open to change. I hate shopping. So much tension lol. One thing I will say that's important to me is this 260 has been run almost every day for 3-5 hours for over 3 years and NEVER had so much as a hickup with it. Always scares me when changing ya know?
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