SSD not detected in bios on sata3 port but works on the sata2

My HTPC has an ASUS H77 motherboard which has 6 sata ports. 4 are sata 2 (blue) and 2 are sata 3 (gray). I have a leftover MSATA SSD 32GB which I have it connected with an msata => sata adapter for my OS (as I dont need anything else except the OS and XBMC this is large enough) also I have a 3 drives x 1TB. The issue is whenever I connected the SSD on the sata3 ports is not being detected in bios if its on AHCI (if I put it IDE it being detected) Any other drive it is detected on the sata 3 ports. Unfortunately I don't have another msata adapter to test just so I can remove it from the possible issues. Any ideas?
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  1. i had a similair issue, for me the only solution was to use SATAII. I'm on a H61m chipset with 4 sataII and 2 SataIII. Thing is my mobo can only recognize 1 sataIII port at the time.
  2. I can't understand it, if I set IDE or RAID it shows my SSD at boot. When I set AHCI just the other 3 disks show. I've updated the BIOS today but still no luck
  3. I figured it out. Replaced the sata cable with a 6GB branded cable and my SSD was detected.
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