Windows 7 blue screen/startup repair Black screen / can't boot from usb/

I have one annoying problem, I searched all over the internet but there is always one thing or another that isn't right.

My laptop doesn't start and I have a blue screen that flashes for 1 sec and restart.

If I use the startup repair it goes on black screen with cursor only (I let it like that for more than 1 hour and a half thinking it may just be slow but didn't work)

If I try to access the repair from mounted usb it gives me a /boot/bcd
The window boot configuration data file does not contain a valid os entry (this error didn't show up the first 6 hours so I don't know what happened)
when the Startup worked at first It didn't detect my windows so I couldn't do a thing.

the memtest and the hardware scan didn't detect anything wrong.

Safe mode get stuck at ClassPNP.sys and the laptop restarts.
(couldn't edit nor delete my other question sorry for the double post i'm working in a lunix integred in asus with a 3.6 mozilla..)

Do anyone have a solution please ? I'm so tired after 12 hours of trying non stop

laptop Asus Gx71
hdd toshiba
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  1. I would do a repair installation since a startup repair did not work. HERE is a good guide.

    This of course assumes that your HDD works, which you can test with the Seatools for DOS bootable disk, but should be apparent if you cannot find the drive to do the repair install.
  2. Hello... Can you try and clean your HD connections ( rubbing Alcohol ) and re-insert? Can you try another HD?
  3. Thank you for your replies.
    I can't do a repair installation since I get the /boot/bcd error when I try to access the bootable USB.
    (I did get access to the files in the HDD even if I don't remmeber how so I guess it still works but I'm also still suspecting it)
    I can't really try another HDn i'll try to get a hold of one tomorrow if possible, I did clean the HD connections but nothing changed.
  4. I used the HD as an external hard drive in another laptop turns out that the partition where the windows is became RAW (the other one is fine and I was able to enter), I don't have the adapter for now (broke it hehe) but i'm thinking of using the Clean option in Diskpart to the primar partition, Do you think it's the right choice ?
    Even if I didn't want to lose my data before, i'm just happy I can have my HD back.
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    If the drive is mechanically sound, clean in diskpart is a good way to start fresh but if you do it will wipe all partitions since it works at a drive level. See HERE for syntax information on clean.
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