Samsung 840 Pro 256GB - drive letter not showing up in Windows 8.1 Pro

Hopefully I am just missing something basic here and someone can enlighten me. I am no computer expert.

I just purchased a Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB SSD drive - installed it to my desktop - ran the Samsung Magician software that came with it - shows the drive in good health, ready to go, etc...

When I go into My Computer - the drive is not showing up.

Currently I have:
C: OCZ 128 SSD - installed with my OS, Windows 8.1 Pro - connected via Intel 6GB/s SATA3
E: Hitachi 2TB storage drive - internal - connected via Intel 3GB/s
F: WD External 1TB storage drive - external via 1394 Firewire
D: DVD ROM drive

I connected the Samsung SSD to the 2nd Intel 6GB/s SATA3 connection (grey color) on MB.

MB is Asus P8Z68 Deluxe, 16 GB of RAM.

I did hit "refresh" - but nothing on the new Samsung shows up.
I tried unplugging the F: external drive and rebooting - still nothing.
In Device Manager - the Samsung shows up - says it's working properly.

In Device Manager while my other drives all show a drive letter - the new Samsung SSD is listed as "System Reserved".

Do I need to change this somehow? Assign a drive letter manually?

Sorry I thought I could plug this thing in and it would just show up! Thanks for any assistance/input.

My intent is to use the Samsung SSD for games - leave my OS on the OCZ SSD where it is now (just did a clean install - starting fresh).
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    Go into Windows Disk Management, initialize the SSD, Quick format it, and assign it a drive letter. It should then be ready to use.
  2. DOH - yup, that was it. It's been awhile since I built and forgot about needing to do that. 2 minutes and it's all set. Thanks.
  3. No problem!
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