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I'm trying to figure out which of these SSDs are better. From what I can tell the Seagate looks like the best bang for the price. I'm not sure if it is better to have higher Sustained Sequential Read/Write or 4KB Random Read/Write. I'm open to SSDs outside of these three but I would like to stay around the same size.



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  1. Most popular would be Samsung, but Intel has a 5 year warranty.
    If Samsung is cheaper get Samsung. If Intel is cheaper get Intel.
    Not too sure about that Seagate drive.
  2. seagate/corsair neutron gtx/plextor
  3. Go Samsung 840 best performance SSD in the market.
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    The seagates performance is on par with the Intel 520. Being the cheapest I would say thats theone to get.
  5. Adrian Ocampo said:
    Go Samsung 840 best performance SSD in the market.

  6. Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB for $140 (free shipping & no rebates):

    I'm planning to get this on Monday if Newegg, Amazon, etc. don't lower their prices. I'll take the risk of it being sold out too... not to comfortable with eBay sellers, regardless of their reviews though
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