Replaced AMD 5770 with a 280x - Almost the same fps on both high and Low game settings.


Mother: MSI P55-CD53
RAM: 16 GB 1600 XMP
CPU: I7 860 2.8 Ghz (Stock oc)
CPU: Asus R9 280x
PSU: Corsair 550W Gold 80 plus.

Currently playing some games like Bf4, Arkham City and The Witcher 2.

The weird part is that if I play a game like Bf4 on the lowest compared to High I only get a 10-15 fps increase. The FPS still drops to 30's in certain scenarios and gun fights which renders the settings moot to a certain degree.

Wtf is going on?
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    did u do a clean install?
  2. iceclock said:
    did u do a clean install?

    Yes I did.
  3. Did you wipe the old drivers completely and install the new ones?

    Also consider that you might be CPU limtied (2.8 ghz is pretty low of a clock)

    2.8 ghz nets you about 70 fps max...
  4. It's your CPU for sure and especially you motherboard why? Because it doesn't support PCI express 3.0 which it has double the bandwidth of your PCI 2.0 that means your gpu is not working at his fullest (also other components too)and also when you change your motherboard you CPU won't be compatible because it's a different socket so you will need to upgrade you CPU too, I know it's hard to take but that is the PC world.
  5. Yeah, with the reformat the old drivers were wiped off completely...

    The CPU is limiting, but the PCIe 2.0 does not as the performance difference is none between the two on both the 280x and the 7970.

    Still trying to figure out a good way to bump up the CPU and GPU and find a good balance between the two.
  6. Why don't you grab a cool master evo and over clock that thing to 4.0-4.5 ghz. That should do the trick.
  7. The PCI have a factor, you have a great card. I have 7970 normal edition and I run bf on high with 60fps, you have 16 gigs ram which you don't need that much for games, your CPU is not that bad, yea it will lower some of your settings but not as near as you described, that's why I am sayings it's your mobo. But if you run other games on high with no problems, then ignore my post, I am very sure of my opinion because I had your same problem, I remember when I bought the 7970 I had no improvement with bf3 the same as you are saying lowering makes little difference and lag at some places, so I bought an expensive mobo. So my performance increased to ultra with a lot more than 60fps, it turned out my PCI was very old an my CPU socket was not utilizing my CPU at full potential, that's why you have mobs for 10$ to 200$. But it's you choice. Tell me if you figured your problem I really want to know.
  8. Thanks for the help guys I'll keep looking into it, I get great results with the card on other games. So it might be Battlefield 4 at its current state.

    Also, I'm running on AMD beta drivers. It shouldn't be an issue but I can't find non-beta drivers at AMD's site.

    Edit: What genius solved this question? How can I remove it?
  9. battlefield 4 is having alot of issues atm.

    will get u the latest. dont get the betas ;)
  10. iceclock said:
    battlefield 4 is having alot of issues atm.

    will get u the latest. dont get the betas ;)

    Ohh, FFS. Your link doesn't work because AMD doesn't allow links from third party websites. I miss their old site! :(

    Thanks anyway, but looking through their site I can only find the beta drivers and it's driving me insane.
  11. wacky.

    look up top should be there.
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