Need a network issue solved

Hey there guys, I built myself a PC last year and it's been running great, a few awesome users helped me out a bit with my PC.

My specs:

Router: Linksys E3200
Modem: ARRIS tm722

PC parts:
Motherboard:MSI Z77A-GD55 LGA 1155 Intel Z77
CPU: I5-3570k
Ram: Kingston HyperX Beast 8GB
PSU: HCP-750
GPU: 7870 Hawk edition

Anyways I'm starting to get annoyed with my internet, I currently have a 30mb down and 10mb upload plan but I'm only getting 13 down and 10 upload atm. I have both a modem and router and I am currently using a good powerline but apparently my electrical wiring system or w/e is older than most houses so I'm not getting the full results. There is no way at all that I can get a direct connection to my router/modem as my router is in my basement and my PC is two floors above. My mom doesn't want any wires around the house and my dad doesn't want to drill the wall so that's out of the question.

Is there any other solution that will help maximize my internet speed? Has anyone had experience with wireless cards, and would they make a big difference? Please suggest any solutions/wireless cards, money isn't a big issue as long as it's a reasonable price.

Thanks guys
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  1. Going from the basement to two floor above, WiFi may be worse. The basement is the worst place to put the main WiFi router.

    Your best bet would probably be an access point/repeater, located in the middle of the house on the first floor. Obviously, go through your dad for this.
  2. what do you get when you plug the pc directly into the Router?
    what do you get when you plug the pc directly into the Modem?

    Your PC is current connected 2 floors above using a Power-line Adapter?
    What Speed is it rated for what model is it?
  3. As stated above, it's going to be a process of elimination. You need to find out what the download speed is when directly connected to both router & modem.
    If it's the same 13Mbps, then you need to call your ISP as the bottleneck is your Internet connection.

    If you get higher than 13Mbps, then you will need to look into alternative ways to connect to your router. Make sure your Powerline adapter is capable of delivering the speeds you require. I would be surprised if it didn't. However, as you say, old wiring can impact throughput.

    You may need to look into repeating the signal strategically, or even better - wireless bridging, which has a less detrimental affect on wireless throughput compared to the 'repeating method'. The dynamics of your house and the materials used can have very different effects on wireless behaviour.
  4. Never really had any experience with a repeater. I can buy ANYTHING as long as there's no drilling or wiring involved. And when connected with my router/modem, I'm getting 30 mb download speed. My friend has the exact same powerline, his router is 2 floors above him and he has his PC in the basement. He has the EXACT same plan and powerline as me, and he's getting 30mb download. And I have no idea why I didn't give you guys my powerline info...I have a D-Link DHP-309AV powerline --->
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    I think a repeater is the way to go, or a bridge.

    Here is a cheap one:
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