Help With Getting a New Graphics Card please!

Hello! I was looking to buy some new things for my computer so I can run games without choppy gameplay and crashing frequently. I also hate always playing with under 30 FPS and such. I have a pre-built Dell Inspiron 530. I should also tell you I know little about computers, so if you could explain some things that would be appreciated.

Here are my specs (from Can You RUN It):
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO
Memory: 2.1 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition Service Pack 2 (build 6002), 32-bit

I've done a bit of researching so far and I (think) want to get the PNY GeForce 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM-PCI Express GTX 650 Ti Graphics Card. I wanted to know if I can actually use this card. I know that my PSU probably is not good enough to use it so I was thinking of getting the XFX
P1-550S-XXB9. I wanted to know if these have to "fit" in your computer or something, too.

I think that's it. Your help is appreciated!

EDIT: I forgot to ask if there is anything else I need to upgrade to be able to use these? Thank you!
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    I'd like to start by saying two things.
    1. I am by no means an expert.
    2. I always have an older (4 years at least) computer that I'm trying to get the most out of and really don't appreciate when I ask for help/ advice hearing "just get a new one" or comments to that effect.
    But... I'm going to have to say that to you now. I'm sorry.
    Here's my reasoning. Vista is a terrible OS. Probably one of the biggest reasons you experience crashing a lot. If your computer were a little better (or the OS cost less) I would recommend upgrading to windows 7.
    Unless you have a mid-tower case you most likely will encounter problems upgrading your PSU and no matter what form factor your case is, unless you are looking at a low-profile card (that is also not longer than 6.5 inches) you will have issues fitting that in the Dell case.
    I'm having trouble finding the specs, but even if your motherboard can handle 4GB of ram the cost of DDR2 ram is too high to justify buying more for your system (and because of your 32bit OS you will not even be able to use all 4GB).
    I'd recommend saving your cash and buying a new/ better rig (like an i3 system) in a standard ATX mid tower case (for compatibility and ease of future upgrades ;) )
    Scroll your mouse over my avatar to see my system specs. I'm not running a much better setup than you at the moment and once again, none of my reply was meant to be condescending or dismissive.
  2. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I figured the answer would be along those lines. Vista was actually an accident. I used to have XP (probably worse than Vista, but I really enjoyed it) until I got a virus and Microsoft said they were unsupporting XP, so I went ahead and accidentally changed to Vista instead of 7. I guess I'll just save up some money to get a better rig. :)

    I appreciate you helping me! Thank you!
  3. You're welcome. I think XP was better than Vista and I really enjoyed the ease I had using XP. I went right from XP to 7 64bit though(Lucky me!).
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