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Remove Scorpion Saver

Hi -

I don't have a question - I have a solution to a problem that I wanted to post so someone in my position could find the answer quickly without having to visit various websites that don't fix this specific problem, namely the malware Scorpion Saver.

I contracted this virus after downloading "free" software from cnet (Scan to PDF by Softi Scan). It's basically a pop-up from hell which will not leave your computer even after uninstalling and removing the registry keys.

Well, my last resort was to contact the very people at Scorpion Saver and they sent me a link to Microsoft's website to remove their software.


Thank you for contacting Scorpion Saver Support. If you are still having issues with our product, you can download a free, very easy to use Microsoft product that will clean your machine and remove Scorpion Saver. Just follow the link below:

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with our product, if you are still having any issues after running our uninstaller please do not hesitate to contact us at"

The program from Microsoft did remove Scorpion Saver, finally!!!
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    See above.
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